Tomatoes from Eminent

Carnival - the tomato party

A feast for the eye. The Carnival Tomato Party is an incomparable mix of cherry tomatoes in all the colours you can imagine. In addition to the well-known red, yellow and orange cherry tomatoes, you’ll also find glorious purple and brown cherry tomatoes, and there is even a unique white cherry tomato. With this mix as a healthy snack on the table, the feast can begin!

Inca - the classic tomato

Inca classic tomatoes consist of a mix of various traditional tomato varieties available in a range of different colours, sizes and flavours. Most of the varieties in the classic mix can also be sold separately. For example, the Green Tiger tomato is sold separately in large quantities of 20 units or 6 kg. The finer varieties such as the Teardrop are sold in 8 x 250 g packs.

Tomberry - the world's smallest tomato

The Tomberry® tomato is called a berry because of its small size. The Tomberry® may be small in size, but it can be used in a great number of ways. The Tomberry® looks appetising and its size makes it ideal for salads and as a garnish. It can also be used as an ingredient in hot dishes for an even greater taste explosion. The Tomberry® is one of Eminent’s great successes.


Tomberry tomatoes

Tomberry tomatoes

Tiger tomatoes

Tigerella tomatoes

Pear tomatoes

Pear tomatoes

Coeur du Boeuf

Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes

Cherrytomaten geel

Cherry tomatoes yellow

Cherrytomaten paars

Cherry tomatoes purple

Pruimtomaten oranje

Orange plum tomatoes

trostomaat oranje

Orange tomatoes on the vine

Kumato tomatoes

Kumato tomatoes

Lemon tomatoes

Lemon tomatoes

San Mazzo tomatoes

San Mazzo tomatoes


Pineapple tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes orange

Cherrytomaten roze

Cherry tomatoes pink

Pruimtomaten bruin tijger

Tiger brown plum tomatoes

RAF Tomatoes

RAF tomatoes

Pink beef tomatoes

Pink beef tomatoes

San Mazzo Tijger

San Mazzo tiger tomatoes

Marmande tomatoes

Marmande tomatoes

Cherrytomaten groen

Cherry tomatoes green

Cherrytomaten tijger

Cherry tomatoes tiger

tomaten bruin tijger

Brown tiger tomatoes