Sweet peppers from Eminent

Tinkerbell - the culinary baby pepper

Tinkerbell is the name of this baby sweet pepper. With an average fruit weight of 30 g per fruit and a diameter of no more than 5 cm, this little pepper is ideal for stuffing. The Tinkerbell baby sweet pepper is packed by colour or mixed in 150 g packs.

Vitasnack - the vitamine bite

This orange baby pointed pepper is the sweetest pepper of all, with a Brix (sugar content) of nine - the same as for grapes. With an average fruit weight of 30 g each and a length of 8 cm, this little sweet pepper is ideal as a snack. The Vitasnack pointed pepper is available in 150 g packs.

Sweet peppers

Tinkerbell Babypaprika

Tinkerbell baby peppers - red

Tinkerbell babypaprika bruin

Tinkerbell baby peppers - brown

White pointed peppers

White pointed peppers

Tinkerbell babypaprika geel

Tinkerbell baby peppers - yellow

Vitasnack snack peppers

Sweetbite snack peppers - orange

Pointed peppers

Sweet pointed peppers

Tinkerbell babypaprika oranje

Tinkerbell baby peppers - orange

sweetbite snackpaprika

Sweetbite snack peppers - brown