Magma - the world's hottest chili family

Because Eminent does all its research, sourcing, growing and selling in-house, we are always ready to grow the hottest chili of the moment. These chilies can be sold in a 75 g mix, or separately by variety. From the Jalapeno to the Trinidad Scorpion, from the white Fresno to the brown Habanero, our range is second to none!

Pimiento de Padron
Pimiento de Padron - the tapas chili

Pimiento de Padron originates in the town of Padron in the Galician region of Spain. Although Pimiento de Padron is mild in flavour, one in ten of these chilies can be hot. Which one? That remains a culinary Russian roulette!

Chili Peppers

Trinidad Scorpion  pepers

Trinidad Scorpion chilies

Rode Hollandse pepers

Dutch chilies - red

Oranje Hollandse pepers

Dutch chilies - orange

Habanero chillies

Habanero chilies - red

Habanero pepers

Habanero chilies - brown

Naga chillies

Naga Jolokia chilies - red

Fresno chillies

Fresno chilies - red

Pimiento de Padron chillies

Pimiento de padron chilies

Groene Hollandse pepers

Dutch chilies - green

Rawit chillies

Rawit chilies - red

gele Habanero pepers

Habanero chilies - yellow

Jalapeno pepers

Jalapeno chilies - red

Groen Naga pepers

Naga Jolokia chilies - green

Poblano chillies

Poblano chilies

Dutch chillies

Dutch chilies - yellow

Groene Rawit pepers

Rawit chilies - green

Habanero pepers

Habanero chilies - orange

Jalapeno chillies

Jalapeno chilies - green

Bruine Naga pepers

Naga Jolokia chilies - brown